About us

Found on February 2016, GenIran research & education center is an affiliate laboratory of Tashkhis Gene Pajoohesh knowledge-based company. GenIran mainly focuses on research projects leading to development of technology and products in the biotechnology and genetics fields. GenIran laboratory also assists in graduate & postgraduate research thesis in Genetics, Biotechnology & Bioinformatics. The center takes advantage of 150 square meters of lab space & a 50 square meters of educational space to hold workshops & educational courses

Sufficient computer facility equipped with softwares required for genetic & bioinformatics data analysis, and also access to high quality internet bound, provide over students & researchers with an unlimited access to scientific materials throughout their subject tasks. A conference room with unlimited facility in the center, provides a space for scientific lectures, educational presentations & workshops.

Equipped with the most up to date instruments and also softwares & hardwares, GenIran laboratory can present services in a wide range of research fields, including molecular biology, cytogenetics, genetic engineering, gene expression analysis, epigenetics, pharmacogenetics & molecular kits designs & production, basics of clinical bioinformatics studies, and cell & tissue culture studies. Collaborative projects that can lead to a product, with universities, incubators & knowledge-based companies considering intellectual properties, is one of the main policies of the center.

An alternative field of our activity is to provide mentors & researchers from different universities & research centers, start-up companies with highly accurate of rapid laboratory services. This may include primer designing, performing several types of PCR & real-time PCR, genetic engineering & recombinant DNA technology, SDS-PAGE & western blotting, microbial experiments consisting of gram staining, MIC, biofilm & efflux pump studies, cell culture & cell toxicity assays i.e. MTT & XTT and finally bioinformatics services. Consultancy services on genetic & biotechnology research projects, have been among our most popular services for researchers & graduate students

Our conference room & equipped laboratory space has provided us with main requirements of several workshops. Since found, we have held several workshops, among them can be mentioned ‘’scientific writing of proposal & research papers in biology’’, ‘’primer designing & PCR’’, ‘’real-time PCR workshop’’, ‘’RT-PCR’’, ‘’epigenetics & gene methylation’’, ‘’basic & advanced bioinformatics’’, ‘’cloning & expression of recombinant proteins’’, “molecular diagnosis of genetic disorders” and “cell culture” and “clinical analysis of NGS data”. We are proud to announce that several researchers & graduate students, who have benefitted for our services, have gained wonderful results. Publication of papers in well-reputational journals, and several postgraduate positions offered from different universities are among these achievements. In addition, our internship courses have assisted graduates who are seeking for job or expanding their expertise, to gain sufficient experience in the lab.

A friendly atmosphere in an academic contexts and highly motivated staff, make GenIran an excellent spot to gain high quality educational and gain experiences. Our well-equipped lab is actively operating in the following areas:

  • Research, development and evaluation of molecular kits for the diagnosis of infectious and non-infectious diseases.

  • Planning and performing joint research projects in the fields of molecular genetics, upstream biotechnology and bioinformatics.

  • Providing the facilities for performing MSc and PhD thesis.

  • Giving consultation and advising for designing and performing postgraduate thesis.

  • Teaching and training of molecular techniques (workshops, long and short term practical courses)

  • Bioinformatics services (e.g. primer design, molecular data analysis, clinical NGS data analysis)

Geniran laboratory Facilities:

Real-time PCR instrument

Thermocycler PCR machines

ELISA Reader

Spectrophotometer (Nanodrop)

SDS-PAGE and Western-Blotting systems

Incubator Shaker


CO2 Incubator


Laminar Hood

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

Class I Biological Safety Cabinet

Gel electrophoresis (vertical and horizontal) systems

Gel Documentation System

Ultra Refrigerated Centrifuge

Laboratory Centrifuge

Freezer -86 °C

Freezer -20 °C

Inverted Fluorescent Microscope

Diluted Water Device

Light Microscope

Liquid nitrogen Tank

Tissue Processor

Tissue Floating Bath



pH Meter

Spin and Vortex

Hot Block

Water bath

PCR Workstation

Magnetic-HotPlate Stirrer


Microbiology Facilities

Normal & Crystal Pipettor

Azot Tank

Bain Marie

Laboratory Balance

Vacuum Pump

Scientific Manager: Morteza Karimipoor MD, PhD

Executive Manager: Farbod Esfandi MSc Medical Genetics/ MSc Biotechnology

Cell Culture Manager: Ayda Arab PhD

For more information, please contact Us:

Tel: +98 21 86073470/+98 21 86073491

Address: Second Floor, no. 89, South Mofateh Street, Tehran, Iran